Farm 360

Farm 360 was created in 2015 to spur sustainable employment opportunities and healthy food production within urban neighborhoods in need of both. At each indoor farm, Farm 360 utilizes a multi-tiered agricultural system and climate-controlled environment to produce a high and predictable yield of year-round fresh produce.


less water than traditional farming methods

about hydroponics

Hydroponic systems feed the plant directly with the nutrients that a plant would get out of the earth, while at the same time allowing for a virtual reduced or pest free environment. The plant uses less energy since the nutrients are dissolved into the water that is directly fed to the plants. It uses only about a tenth of the water that traditional soil growing uses. There is a greater ability to keep the food safe and free from condemnations that the produce would be subjected to in a field.


All our products are natural, non-GMO, and nutrient rich meeting the highest quality standards.  While not all products are organic, we have our USDA organic certification and an ability to readily farm organic products.  In addition to superior quality, a key benefit to indoor farming is year around production.  With our process occurring indoors, we see predictable yields with the outside climate extremes having no bearing on the production or quality of the produce.


While we’ve had success with growing various products indoors, our primary focus at this time are the following products:

Upland Cress

Pea Shoots

Baby Spring Mix

Edible Flowers

You may view these product data sheets by clicking on each individual link and contact us via the learn more link below for further information.  We will consider growing other items on a case-by-case basis and have plans for significant expansion on the horizon.


days a year

Farm 360 was established to assist with growing healthy local food in existing structures within cities, creating both a supply of locally grown healthy food and local employment to plant and harvest twelve months a year.


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